Alien - Alan Dean Foster


















You wanna hear an undeniable fact ? Alien trilogy is absolutely and undoubtedly the scariest science fiction horror trilogy ever written, ever created, and ever told ! I remember how scared I was when I saw the Alien for the very first time, and how scared I was when I saw the Alien for the second, and for the third time. The Alien creature scared the bejesus out of me, and I still wanted to see it again and again, for I knew back then that I was watching a masterpiece and not just some science fiction movie with some less known actors and actresses. That said, the book trilogy does not disappoint, it brings Alien creature back to life and is equally scary and terrifying to read about it as it is to watch it. So if you're Alien fan, love all the movies, even the fourth installment, I immensely recommend that you take some of your precious time and devour Alan Dean Foster's book and revive all the feelings that you've had when you've seen the movie Alien and the Alien creature for the very first time.