The Crucifix Killer (Robert Hunter Series #1)

The Crucifix Killer - Chris Carter

















This book is just a one big giant mess, but not in immensely terrible way, but in immensely good way, for on one hand it's filled with so much gore that you find it easy to put it down, ignore it, and put it aside, and on the other hand it's filled with such a twisted story line that keeps evolving throughout the book that you find it immensely hard to put it down, ignore it, and put it aside. It all depends on whether or not you stomach can handle some masterfully written scenes. Which is proof right there that Chris Carter has got a lot of potential to become one of the best Thriller writers out there in a matter of years. For this man has created another man, a truly brilliant man who knows way too much because he reads too much that goes by the name Robert Hunter. Robert Hunter, a homicide detective that fights with and hunts for world's craziest monsters out there who are ready to do anything for justice they didn't receive, and he does it by connecting the dots and solving the craziest crimes committed. So, if you're a thriller book fan, or even a thriller newbie, and your stomach can handle the gore, then don't hesitate, go to the library, or a local book store, grab this book, pay for it, put it on your bookshelf, read it when opportunity presents itself to you, and write a honest review. For if my sincere thoughts and my book reviews mean something after these past few weeks, you shall thank me later and you won't be sorry at all, for Chris Carter is a truly brilliant writer who shall keep you turn page after page after page, all the way to its truly brilliant twist that even shocked my beautiful mind.