Coraline - Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean




















When I started or better said, when I began reading this immensely strange and immensely weird novel, I honestly had no idea what to expect from its writer and what to expect from the novel itself. But as I progressed towards the actual beginning of the story, this novel wasn't just immensely strange and immensely weird anymore, but it was also quite for the lack of a better term, crazy and insane. But not in a very bad way, but in a very good way, for I wanted to learn more and more about Coraline and Coraline's struggles, and who was actually behind the other world Coraline had visited so many times. By the time I learnt that, I was pretty much trapped by the rich story line, and cheered for Coraline with passion to beat that damn thing. And as the endings go, I wasn't disappointed by its ending.